Project Description

The City of Batavia received a grant from the New York State Department of State to prepare a Batavia Opportunity Area plan to advance redevelopment of strategic sites in the City. The City will focus on strategic sites in downtown, the industrial area between Harvester and Liberty Streets, and the Evans Street Corridor.

The purpose of the project is to develop an area wide redevelopment plan for underutilized, vacant, abandoned or contaminated properties that will catalyze redevelopment in the City. Local, regional and state partners will be involved throughout the project to help promote redevelopment of strategic sites. The comprehensive redevelopment plan developed under this project will be based on a community vision and balance environmental, economic and community needs. It will also evaluate land use, zoning, property ownership, utilities, transportation issues and environmental constraints that may be impediments to redevelopment.

The project will build upon the Batavia Central Corridor Urban Design, Marketing and Development Plan completed in 2006 and the recently completed Community Improvement Plan. Complementary studies will also be prepared under this project to explore renewable energy options, revisit plans for a Creek Park and multi-modal (vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle) transportation alternatives within the area.

New – Final Report:

Batavia BOA Plan Final

This website was prepared for the City of Batavia and the New York State Department of State with State funds provided through the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program.