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Batavia hosts forum to showcase redevelopment possibilities
The Daily News

BATAVIA — City management hosted a first-time Real Estate Developer’s Forum this week that showcased redevelopment opportunities in the Batavia Opportunity Area.

The Forum was well attended, with more than 60 guests from across Western New York interested in learning more about the city and surrounding areas, City Manager Jason Molino said.

Potential investors and developers were invited to look at infill and redevelopment sites that have proven to become lucrative development projects state-wide….Read More

Editorial: Developing Opportunity in Batavia
The Daily News

In January 2007, City Manager Jason Molino told City Council members that it had taken five years of poor budgeting to put the city into a $3 million fiscal hole, and it would take five years of good budgeting to get the city out of that hole. It’s 2013, and the city has recovered financial health. Now, Mr. Molino says, it’s time to change gears. It’s time now to develop a future….Read More

Batavia sees an ‘Opportunity’
City leaders have audacious plan for major redevelopment in downtown area
By Joanne Beck of The Daily News

BATAVIA — City leaders have some pretty big plans that will require time, money, serious interest from developers and grant funding.

If all gets done, a portion of City Centre would come down, Jackson Street would be extended north, there would be more mixed use sites at the Della Penna and Harvester Avenue business properties and, overall, underutilized sites would get an aesthetic overhaul….Read More

City Unveils Ambitious Redevelopment Plans for ‘Batavia Opportunity Area’
Submitted by Howard Owens on The Batavian

It’s an ambitious plan, one that takes in 366 acres in the heart of Batavia and targets at least five major areas for redevelopment, and it got a some favorable responses at a special public meeting Monday night.

“There have been a lot of plans done over the past 15 years and they have been shelved,” said local businesswoman Mary Valle. “Now, we are ready to move forward. There are a lot of exciting things going on in the county and the city. I do believe the people are ready to support it and more forward.”….Read More

City Redevelopment Plans Given Airing
By Joanne Beck of The Daily News
BATAVIA — Although a redevelopment project covers a wide array of possibilities, it is something that will come to fruition, city leaders say.

Some of the key players in the project reviewed its details during a public meeting Wednesday at City Hall….Read More

Batavia Opportunity Area Forum Wednesday
By Joanne Beck of The Daily News
BATAVIA — A redevelopment effort that began a few years ago will continue with a public forum next week.

The Batavia Opportunity Area program will most likely attract property owners and commercial and industrial investors with ideas for currently vacant sites in the city, Economic Development Coordinator Julie Pacatte said….Read More

City announces open house to introduce Batavia Opportunity Areas
The Batavian
The first public open house to introduce the Batavia Opportunity Areas (BOA) will be held at the city’s Council Board Room at City Hall, One Batavia City Centre, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5. An interactive forum will be facilitated by ELAN, an award-winning firm specializing in community revitalization….Read more

Batavia Opportunity Area Public Open House to Take Place December 5th at City Hall
Batavia, NY, November 28, 2012 – The first public open house to introduce the Batavia Opportunity Area (BOA) project will be held at the City’s Common Council Chambers at City Hall, One Batavia City Centre, Wednesday, December 5th at 7 p.m….Read more